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Manager’s Guide: Supporting Your Remote or Hybrid Team’s Mental Health

Research shows that most workers prefer a hybrid work model, but ongoing mental health implications of the pandemic and other current events can affect employees no matter where they work. See how to support employees in our ever-evolving world.

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Creating a mentally healthy workplace, in and out of the office

While employees appreciate the flexibility to work how and where they want, both hybrid and remote options are susceptible to pitfalls like virtual meeting fatigue, more siloed teams, and blurred lines between work and home. It’s up to leaders to build empathy and keep their teams connected.

Learn the actionable steps that leaders can take to support workers’ mental health, including:

  • Asking the right questions in employee surveys—and acting on those results
  • Communicating early and often to stop uncertainty
  • Scheduling regular team and individual check-ins
  • And more