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Quality 101: A Guide to an Often Overlooked Mental Health Care Necessity

Prioritizing high-quality mental health care can have life-altering implications for your workforce and measurable benefits for your business. Learn the key factors that define high-quality mental health care today.

Quality 101: A guide to an often overlooked mental health care necessity thumbnail

Quality care matters.

Just one in five people who go to therapy through a traditional health plan or EAP see reliable symptom improvement, and over 70% of mental health care providers in large, employer-sponsored plans don’t offer evidence-based treatments. Low-quality mental health care means employees don’t get better, and consequences for both employer and employee include high health plan costs, absenteeism, presenteeism, burnout, and high turnover. In this guide, learn the key criteria for a mental health benefit that provides high-quality care for employees, while still delivering significant ROI.

You’ll also get answers to the following questions:

  • What is evidence-based care and why is it important?
  • How can I help ensure better mental health outcomes for employees who get care?
  • How can I gauge the value a mental health service can provide to my workforce and business?