Navigate the future of global workforce well-being with our 2024 State of Workforce Mental Health report.
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Suicide Prevention: Providing Support in the Workplace

Despite the growing awareness surrounding mental health, there is still a tendency to shy away from open discussions about suicide. Learn how removing the stigma around these conversations fosters psychological safety with life-saving results.

According to Lyra’s 2023 State of Workforce Mental Health report, 28 percent of surveyed workers experienced a decline in their mental well-being during the past year. Without the proper support and resources, employee mental health can continue to decline, often with severe consequences, including suicidal ideation. As an employer, you can play a role in normalizing discussions about mental health at work and empower employees with the right tools to proactively address their mental health needs.

In this guide:

  • Learn how to identify the signs of employees at risk
  • Get tips for checking in with employees in distress
  • Understand where managers and people leaders can get support for employee mental health concerns