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Supporting Your Workforce: Caregivers of Adults

Caregivers of adults face a unique set of challenges that may impact their mental health. Managers can play an important role in supporting them by creating a psychologically safe work culture.

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Whether it’s an aging parent, spouse, adult child, or another adult who needs extended care, caregivers of adults are a growing segment of the population. Caregiving can affect a person’s ability to work, maintain relationships, and tend to their own physical and mental health. With at least 11 percent of surveyed employees providing adult dependent care, it’s important for managers to understand how to help their team members cope.

In this short guide:

  • Learn about the mental health impact of being a caregiver
  • Get our top four tips for fostering psychological safety at work
  • Key factors to consider when evaluating work design
  • Find out how you can connect employees with the right resources