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Follow the Evidence: Top Takeaways from Workforce Mental Health Research

Key learnings from published studies that show the impact of Lyra Health’s workforce mental health solution for both employees and employers.

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Employees today expect mental health support from their employers. For many organizations, this means offering a comprehensive mental health benefit. As an employer, choosing from among the many workforce mental health options available can be daunting. Published, peer-reviewed research validating a vendor’s impact is a crucial signal of a high-quality employee mental health benefit.

In this guide, you’ll learn key takeaways and insights from published studies showing the impact of Lyra Health’s workforce mental health benefit, including:

  • 89% of members receiving Lyra’s innovative approach to therapy improve or recover from depression and anxiety
  • How Lyra’s clinical outcomes yield proven ROI for employers
  • Workers who use Lyra are twice as likely to stay with their company