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2024 Workforce Mental Health Trends Forecast

Each year we survey hundreds of employee benefits leaders to gauge what trends will shape workforce mental health in the year ahead. Uncover top predictions for 2024, along with insights from our clinical, HR, and Workforce Transformation leaders.

Lyra Health surveyed 250 benefits leaders across the U.S. to identify trends in mental health benefits for 2024. The most striking takeaway from this year’s survey? 94% of respondents say offering mental health benefits is “very important” to prospective employees—nearly triple the rate of benefits leaders who said this a year earlier (36%). Read the report to uncover our top 6 predictions for workforce mental health in 2024, including:

  • The impact of stress and anxiety on our global workforce
  • How work environment may be affecting employees’ mental health
  • How companies are supporting historically marginalized populations
  • The continued challenge of loneliness and isolation