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2022 Workforce Mental Health Trends Forecast

What will employees demand more of in 2022 and how can leading employers stay competitive? Uncover our top predictions for 2022, based on insights from Lyra clinicians, third-party experts, and U.S.-wide surveys of employees and employee benefit leaders.

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Employers, it’s time to reimagine workforce mental health.

With a record 4.4 million workers quitting their jobs in September 2021 amid the ongoing “Great Resignation,” it’s clear that in order to stay competitive and retain top talent, employers must make some crucial changes. Lyra’s 2022 Workplace Mental Health Trends Forecast is informed by surveys of employees and HR leaders across the U.S.

Get the crucial data to build your 2022 mental health roadmap that sets your business apart from the competition.

In this report, you’ll learn:

  • Why 89% of HR/benefits leaders said mental health support was a higher priority for their company in 2021
  • What work policies will become a mainstay in 2022
  • Why child care and education are a top factor negatively affecting employees’ mental health
  • How to build workplace structures that prevent burnout