Navigate the future of global workforce well-being with our 2024 State of Workforce Mental Health report.
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The Value and Impact of Workforce Mental Health

The need to support employees’ mental health has never been greater, with rates of depression, anxiety, and burnout at an all-time high. Learn why high-quality workforce mental health care helps people heal and yields measurable ROI for businesses.

Health care networks and traditional EAPs simply aren’t enough.

Only a fifth of clients who receive therapy through a traditional EAP or health plan experience reliable symptom improvement or recovery from their behavioral health conditions. This whitepaper explores the consequences of this inadequate care, as well as the benefits—both human and financial—of investing in high-quality mental health care.

In this paper, we explore:

  • The key sources of rising mental health-related medical plan costs
  • How mental health challenges impact employees’ productivity
  • How high-quality health benefits affect employee retention