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9 Takeaways From the Breakthrough 2022 Mental Health Conference

9 Takeaways From the Breakthrough 2022 Mental Health Conference

Lyra’s second annual Breakthrough conference was an enormous success, with over 2,000 registrants coming together to reimagine mental health. We heard from HR and benefits leaders, benefits consultants, and Lyra experts on top-of-mind issues for mental health in the workplace. You can access direct insights and strategies from these leaders through our on-demand content, linked below.

Below are key takeaways from the event:

1. Mental wellness is not only a product of each individual’s capabilities and resilience, but also their environment

Lyra’s Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Connie Chen, was joined by VP of Clinical Care, Alethea Varra, and Senior Director of Workforce Transformation, Dr. Joe Grasso, to talk about how Lyra provides services that address the holistic view of workforce mental health. (Watch now)

2. HR teams are playing a more proactive role in the workplace

Leaders from Airbnb, Coeur Mining, and Flywire discussed the evolution of their work and how the COVID-19 pandemic put HR leaders in the driver’s seat for key business decisions. (Watch now)

3. Investing in workforce mental health has a measurable financial impact that helps companies meet their strategic goals

Leaders from Aon and Lyra explored how employers can start measuring ROI and see improvements like lower medical claims costs, better employee retention, reductions in presenteeism and absenteeism, and better brand reputation. (Watch now)

4. Resilient employees are the foundation of a mentally well workforce and sustainable business

Well-being leaders from Cargill and Lululemon shared strategies for helping employees build resilience, which ultimately helped them adapt to a constantly changing world over the past few years. (Watch now)

5. Preventing burnout is key to attracting and retaining employees

Leaders from PatientPoint and Providence Health discussed approaches to tackle workforce burnout and spur “the Great Return” of workers. (Watch now)

6. Creating a culture of inclusivity and confidentiality around high-acuity needs like substance use and thoughts of suicide encourages people to reach out for help

Leaders from Cummins, Rogers Behavioral Health, and Mercer examined how organizations can start destigmatizing these topics. (Watch now)

7. Culturally responsive care helps employees—particularly those from historically marginalized communities—feel more connected in the workplace

Leaders from Asurion and the Catalight Foundation discussed their experiences with culturally responsive care and why every organization should prioritize it as a part of their mental health care solution. (Watch now)

8. Supporting employees also means supporting the well-being of their entire family structure

Leaders from Morgan Stanley and Willis Towers Watson shared their perspectives on the employer’s responsibility to support family mental health. (Watch now)

9. Mental health care quality matters, but it’s not a given.

Access to care only matters if the care delivers results. Lyra’s VP of Clinical Care discussed the questions to ask to determine if a mental health partner will provide meaningful and lasting results. (Watch now)

Learn about these key points and more in up-coming and on-demand featured events. Visit our Breakthrough page to see more highlights and stay in the loop on next year’s conference! We thank you for attending Breakthrough this year, and are looking forward to seeing you again!


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By The Lyra Team
18 of April 2022 - 2 min read
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