Announcing Lyra’s Workforce Mental Health Award Winners

Announcing Lyra’s Workforce Mental Health Award Winners

Yesterday at Lyra’s Breakthrough conference, we announced Workforce Transformation, a suite of offerings designed specifically to help organizations proactively build a culture of mental wellness and create psychological safety. But we know that bold leaders who promote workforce mental health as a company-wide priority are the key to transforming work culture. We are thrilled to recognize some of these leaders and broader HR teams with our first annual Workforce Mental Health Awards.

Congratulations to all of this year’s winners, and we can’t wait to see what’s to come in the year ahead!

Workforce Mental Health Company of the Year Award: eBay

Awarded to the company that has demonstrated steadfast focus on and achieved meaningful results related to the mental health care of their entire employee base. This company thinks about mental health care not just as an employee benefit, but as a company-wide priority. 

eBay rigorously sets and tracks company-wide goals related to mental health. In 2020, they set out to improve timely access to mental health care support by 20 percent while maintaining top tier employee satisfaction. The result in 2021 was improvement in timely access by 29 percent while achieving 93% employee satisfaction with their care.  In addition, 82% of employees experienced a clinically significant improvement in their mental health or fully recovered. This year, they’re expanding globally with Lyra to deliver a consistent experience and quality of care to international employees, whether they sit in corporate offices or call centers. The eBay team also works to drive systematic change by advocating for public policy advancements in mental health care at the state and federal level. 

Workforce Mental Health Leader of the Year Award: Sandi Stein, SVP and Global Head of Benefits at Brown Brothers Harriman

This award is for a leader who has consistently prioritized the mental health care of their employees by visibly and meaningfully integrating a mental health care focus into their broader company strategy.

Sandi’s leadership is demonstrated by her willingness to talk very openly and personally about the hardest of topics, including depression, substance abuse, and suicide. Her authenticity and candor makes every conversation feel familial and, especially in the case of the Lyra team, really helps all of us be better. Dozens of Lyrians can point to memorable conversations with Sandi, who has gracefully navigated her employees through the last few years of the pandemic, corporate change, and now—in the case of BBH’s Poland employees—a very sad and frightening last few weeks focused on their Ukrainian neighbors. We are grateful everyday for Sandi’s leadership and direction.

Workforce Mental Health Innovative Company of the Year Award: Qualcomm

Awarded to the HR team that has demonstrated a willingness to push limits and think boldly about the future of workforce mental health.  

The Qualcomm team is consistently pushing boundaries to support all of their employees’ physical and mental health through its Live+Well Work+Well program. Their team was one of the driving forces in identifying that there needed to be a better process and experience for employees who need to go on disability leave, which ultimately turned into Lyra’s offering of Clinical Leave Evaluations. These initial conversations with Qualcomm around supporting employees with complex needs prompted Lyra to think about the scope of mental health services we could offer, leading to many of the new facets of our Workforce Transformation suite. Qualcomm also champions the importance of preventative mental health care for their employees to ensure everyone has a resource on which they can rely. We thank Qualcomm’s team for so often saying yes to piloting new things, and for giving the critical feedback we need to build meaningful services that will change lives. 

Workforce Mental Health Innovative Leader of the Year Award:  Ron Crawford, VP of Benefits at Starbucks

Awarded to a leader that has demonstrated a willingness to push limits and think boldly about the future of workforce mental health.   

Over the last 10+ years, Ron has had a tremendous impact on Starbucks employees being able to show up at work as the best version of themselves. He’s led or been very influential with many of the people-focused initiatives that Starbucks has become famous for, including 100% college tuition coverage, paid leave for birth and non-birth parents, and the Care at Work program, which subsidizes backup childcare for children, adults, and the elderly. Ron was a true pioneer in partnering with Lyra to offer workforce mental health for all employees.  Throughout the course of the pandemic we were reminded of how important all workers were, and very grateful that Ron had the pre-pandemic foresight to make sure these employees had access to high quality mental health care. If you are asking yourself “what’s next” in the Benefits and HR space, we recommend following whatever Ron is doing.


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By The Lyra Team
30 of March 2022 - 4 min read
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