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Announcing Lyra’s 2024 Workforce Mental Health Award Winners

Each year at Lyra’s Breakthrough conference, we have the privilege of honoring some of our outstanding leaders and HR teams by awarding Workforce Mental Health Awards. These six awards recognize individuals and organizations committed to transforming mental health care for their employees and beyond. 

Congratulations to all of this year’s winners. We can’t wait to see what’s to come in the year ahead!

Workforce Mental Health Company of the Year: Airbnb

Awarded to the company that has demonstrated steadfast focus on and achieved meaningful results related to the mental health care of their entire employee base. This company thinks about mental health care not just as an employee benefit, but as a company-wide priority. 

Beyond simply providing access to mental health support, Airbnb raises awareness of its benefits programs through an internal campaign that highlights support, tailored to employees’ needs at strategic times of year, and at different stages of their life and career journeys. From highlighting parental coaching before back-to-school season, to sharing employee testimonials about how therapy and coaching has supported their mental wellbeing – as well as organizing webinars tailored for employee resource groups, Airbnb champions and supports mental health year round.

Workforce Mental Health Leader of the Year: Clare Miller, Global Mental Health Benefits Manager at Meta

Awarded to a leader who has consistently prioritized the mental health care of their employees by visibly and meaningfully integrating a mental health care focus into their broader company strategy.

Clare Miller is a phenomenal champion for mental health, approaching care with a strategic and empathic lens. Clare’s passion for mental health is rooted in recognizing how challenging it can be for people to take the first step toward help, and the opportunity to improve people’s lives when those moments are met with a tech-enabled user experience that scales access to quality care. In January 2023, Clare took the Lyra care experience international for Meta. In collaboration with Lyra, she’s committed to increasing equity in mental health care on a global scale. Clare’s dedication to mental health is palpable, and her drive to offer better, more accessible care makes her an inspiring partner and benefits leader.

Workforce Mental Health Rising Star Award: Salt River Project

Awarded to a leader in their first year with Lyra who is showing exceptional promise and commitment to bringing mental health care to their employee base. 

Salt River Project has demonstrated incredible efforts to bring mental health benefits and awareness to its entire population, whether they work from home, in office, or in the field. Since launching with Lyra last November, they’re seeing some incredible first-year results and engagement—a testament to their thoughtful, creative, and innovative strategies for reaching their employees where they are, with the resources they need. This early success was bolstered by a strategic launch plan, which included running a launch-day table staffed by executive sponsors, the benefits team, and a Lyra team member to promote the new benefit offering. But SRP has not stopped there—the team continually works to find creative ways to integrate the benefit into existing communication channels. Later this year, their customer service safety team will be hosting a mental health day, which will include visiting field workers and front-line call center employees to talk about the benefits of receiving mental health support. SRP is creating a culture of well-being for their entire employee population. We can’t wait to see the impact of their initiatives grow with time.

Workforce Mental Health Campaign of the Year: Stanford Medicine Children’s Health

Awarded to a company that stands out for its outstanding creativity and effectiveness in driving mental health awareness through a remarkable campaign, showcasing its commitment to fostering a mentally healthy workplace through extraordinary initiatives that genuinely engage and inspire employees. 

Stanford Medicine Children’s Health is actively enhancing the well-being and resilience of its team members, particularly in response to the unique demands of the medical profession, which have been spotlighted during the pandemic. Collaborating with Lyra, they launched an educational campaign that encouraged sustained engagement. This initiative offered a unique incentive: Team members who completed a Lyra Learn course received contributions towards their health savings account or health reimbursement account, promoting mental health and well-being. This campaign saw remarkable participation, with employees completing over 12,000 training sessions, highlighting Stanford Children’s dedication to mental health awareness, education, and employee engagement.

Workforce Mental Health Innovator of the Year: Jonathan Howland, Senior Manager of Benefits at Walmart

Awarded to a leader who has demonstrated a willingness to push limits and think boldly about the future of workforce mental health.  

Jonathan Howland is incredibly passionate about mental health. He always strives to do the right thing for associates. With a background in social work, he brings both a clinical and business lens to this work, continually raising awareness and working to support the issues that Walmart associates are struggling with. Jonathan has gone above and beyond when it comes to advocating for mental health. He not only works internally with leadership to build support for mental health benefits, but he also works tirelessly to make sure associates receive the information they need in order to access the benefit. Jonathan has been and continues to be an incredible partner, pushing limits and challenging us to think boldly about how to increase awareness and offer new, innovative services. 

Workforce Mental Health Innovative Company of the Year Award: Workday, Inc.

Awarded to the HR team that has demonstrated a willingness to push limits and think boldly about the future of workforce mental health.

Workday, Inc. is a values-based organization, with employees being its number one core value. In support of this, Workday demonstrated an unwavering commitment to redefining employee well-being in the workplace, and it did this by building and implementing a comprehensive mental health program that provides access to on-demand counseling and unlimited coaching support. Workday has also added on-site mental health counselors at five of its key locations. This helps to ensure that employees have access to responsive care whenever they need it. Workday is a forward-thinking leader in prioritizing mental health support, serving as a champion for benefits that contribute to the holistic well-being of their employees.

By The Lyra Team
6 of May 2024 - 5 min read
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