How to Promote Long-Term Allyship, Advocacy, and Anti-Racism in the Workplace

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The trending hashtags have decreased. Protest attendance has waned, and news coverage has shifted as other priorities occupy our time and attention. As a result, many are left wondering: Was the recent  national focus on racial injustice a catalyst for long-term changes toward racial equality, or just a passing trend? Those of us who identify

The American Worker is Not Alright: Results of a New Nationwide Employee Survey

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Loneliness, anxiety, burnout, and thoughts of self-harm are all startlingly common experiences for workers across the United States amid the historic uncertainty and social upheaval of American life in 2020, a new Lyra survey shows. The findings come as U.S. employees are grappling with an onslaught of unprecedented challenges, from coronavirus anxiety and economic instability

New Study Highlights Effectiveness of Lyra’s Blended Care Therapy

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In recent years, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) has gained increasing recognition as the gold standard psychotherapy treatment for common mental health conditions like anxiety and depression. A newer approach known as Blended Care Therapy (BC-CBT), which pairs therapist-led sessions with online CBT content, has also been proven effective at treating these disorders. Less understood is

How Companies Can Support Black Employees’ Mental Health in 2020 and Beyond

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A colleague asked me recently, “How are you doing–really?” Between the dramatic life shifts from the coronavirus pandemic, changing work expectations, the pre-existing plague of racism now at the forefront of awareness, mental gymnastics to see if my white leaders and coworkers would supportively respond to anti-racism discussions, and significant stress from personal concerns, I

Self-Care for Black Americans Amid Race-Based Traumatic Stress

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Before writing this piece, I took an informal survey of several friends and colleagues who identify as Black or African-American. Given the most recent racial injustice, the high visibility of viral videos and social media saturation of any and all things race-related, the psychologist in me had two questions for them. First, “How are you

An Open Letter to Lyra Employees

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Hi everyone. I want to thank each of you who have recently shared your perspective regarding racial injustice. I am grateful for your courage and your words have meaningfully enhanced my understanding. Some of the conversations have been difficult, and they have made me wiser about systemic racism and how far we are from our

How to Support Clients Affected by Racial Injustice

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In recent weeks, people across the United States and worldwide have been deeply affected by the continued violence and racial injustice against Black Americans. Some people are awakening for the first time to the persistent and pervasive nature of racial injustice and police violence toward Black people. The recent murders of George Floyd in Minneapolis,

Why Morgan Stanley is Prioritizing Employee Mental Health

In his three decades as a human resources leader at Morgan Stanley, Jeff Brodsky has helped  see employees through the gamut of personal and professional highs and lows–including 9/11 and the 2008 financial crisis. These experiences have helped equip him to navigate the coronavirus pandemic as the company’s chief human resources officer. As most of

How to Help Clients Cope with Grief in the COVID-19 Era

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As the tragic death toll from COVID-19 continues to rise, mental health care providers are likely encountering more grief among their clients than ever before. People are not only grieving lost loved ones and lost jobs during this pandemic, but also more abstract losses such as drastic disruptions to our way of life. This article

Returning to Work with Resilience: A Guide for Employers & Managers

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Planning for a return to the workplace amid the coronavirus pandemic is new and uncertain territory for employers and employees alike. As a people leader, you’re likely focused on workplace safeguards to protect employees’ physical health during this crisis. But chances are, you’re also aware of the mental health impacts accompanying this pandemic, and your