Case Study: How NetApp Transformed its Mental Health Care Benefits

Case Study: How NetApp Transformed its Mental Health Care Benefits

Even the world’s most innovative companies need a little help when it comes to providing high-quality mental health care. Leading cloud storage and data management provider NetApp is no different. Like many businesses across the U.S., there was high demand for mental health care among NetApp’s workforce, but many employees struggled to access the care they needed.

Although NetApp offered robust medical coverage and sessions with a counselor through its employee assistance program (EAP), it still saw a high rate of out-of-network mental health care claims and low EAP utilization. These factors, along with a number of critical behavioral health incidents among its workforce, underscored the pressing need for a new solution.

“We wanted employees and their families to know how to access care and not hesitate when they needed it,” said Rachelle Taylor, NetApp’s U.S. Benefits Lead. “It was very important for us to remove the barriers when it came to cost and access.”

In a recent webinar, Taylor shared how the company took action to realize its vision for a holistic culture of well-being, and the impressive results they’ve seen so far.

“I can’t stress enough that this is a game-changer for NetApp, and a game-changer for how we approach emotional well-being at NetApp,” said Taylor.

Want to learn how NetApp reimagined its mental health care benefits?

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By The Lyra Team
15 of August 2019 - 1 min read
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