Returning to Work with Resilience: A Guide for Employers & Managers

Returning to Work with Resilience: A Guide for Employers & Managers

Planning for a return to the workplace amid the coronavirus pandemic is new and uncertain territory for employers and employees alike. As a people leader, you’re likely focused on workplace safeguards to protect employees’ physical health during this crisis. But chances are, you’re also aware of the mental health impacts accompanying this pandemic, and your own workforce’s behavioral health needs, as you prepare to welcome employees back to their shared workspaces.

So how can you provide much-needed mental health support as your organization faces the inherent hurdles of work during a pandemic? As daunting as this uncharted territory may feel, we do know that many pre-coronavirus best practices for supporting employee mental health still hold true. And more than ever, offering access to high-quality, virtual care can be life-changing for employees dealing with common challenges like burnout, anxiety, depression, or relationship conflict.

To address common questions about supporting employee mental health needs during this transition, Lyra has created a Return-to-Work Guide for employers and managers. Designed by Lyra clinicians and informed by human resources and benefits leaders, the guide covers the following topics:

  • How to set the right tone in your return-to-work conversations with employees
  • How to help employees cope with stress and anxiety about returning to the workplace
  • A framework for making tough decisions in the face of uncertainty
  • Key policies and benefits that can ease the return-to-work transition

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If you want help connecting with a therapist, Lyra can assist you. You can get started today if Lyra is offered by your employer. Sign up now.

For employers who want to learn more about how Lyra addresses network adequacy and quality issues, download our whitepaper on quality or get in touch.

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By The Lyra Team
19 of May 2020 - 1 min read
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