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Resources for Coping with the Coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak is prompting employers worldwide to determine how best to protect and support their workforces in the face of this public health concern. Here you’ll find practical guidance from Lyra clinicians to help you and your team aid employees amid the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus.


How do you support your team as they return to the office?

empty classroom

Navigating back-to-school

Dr. Renee Schneider offers 8 strategies families can use to prioritize mental well-being for both parents and children.

Help your employees cope with stress

Often misunderstood, self-care is a powerful buffer against the mental and physical health impacts of stress and is even more essential tool as your teams deal with the emotional toll of the pandemic.

Man practicing self-care
online meeting

Stay connected with remote teams

Learn 4 key strategies managers can practice to promote emotional wellness when working apart.

Learn how to help children feel safe

Kids are feeling the stress, too. Learn effective ways to help support your children through this scary and stressful time.

Encourage healthy habits while working from home

Help your people be productive, connected, and mentally healthy while working remotely.

Building a long term mental health strategy?

The Latest Coronavirus Resources

Guidance from Lyra clinicians on how to cope effectively with uncomfortable emotions provoked by the coronavirus

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Mission Impossible: Learnings From 6 Working Parents in the Time of Coronavirus

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Coping with Uncertainty in the Time of Covid-19

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Watch our webinar for HR and people leaders

Find more practical advice on how to stay connected while working remotely, talking to children about their worries, and taking care of yourself in our recent webinar with clinical psychologist Joe Grasso, PhD, Lyra’s Manager of Clinical Quality.

What you’ll learn:

  • Assist individuals and teams cope more effectively with uncomfortable emotions provoked by news about the coronavirus
  • Support your teams, who may be new to working remotely, feel connected while at home
  • Talk to children who may be afraid or stressed by what they’re hearing on the news
  • Take care of yourself during this busy time

Additional Resources

Find more practical advice from Lyra clinicians on managing anxiety and supporting your mental health

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Benefits Professional

How to Reach Employees Who Need Mental Health Support

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Gently Challenging Your Thinking Traps

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