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Balancing performance and wellness with Salesforce

How Salesforce trailblazes in mental health with Lyra

Company Size +72,000
Industry Software
Headquarters San Francisco, CA

Salesforce empowers companies of every size and industry to connect with their customers using AI + data + CRM. It serves over 150,000 companies worldwide.

At Breakthrough 2023, Brent Hyder, chief people officer at Salesforce, joined Lyra for a fireside chat to share the company’s newest workplace strategies, how employee well-being drives productivity, and why mental health is critical for business.

“You can have a high accountability culture and wellness. As we move through the post-pandemic transition over the next couple of years, don't let mental health become just a footnote. The reality is resilience is the number-one employee attribute in my mind for Salesforce, because the marketplace requires it. And to be resilient, you’ve got to be healthy.”
Brent Hyder
Chief People Officer

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Manager training on mental health is essential to creating empathetic leaders
“The most important person in this formula is the manager—it’s the direct manager, it’s the supervisor,” said Hyder. “For most of us, you can have empathy through personal experience, but you can also teach it through benefit programs and training. When an employee comes to you and says they’re struggling, templates can offer what to do and how to respond. You don’t take away employee accountability, they still have to perform, but what tools you can offer and actions you can take as a leader—you can teach that.”

Employee wellness is a key component of a performance culture.
“As a chief people officer, 1) I want our people to be healthy, and 2) we have a huge business that needs to perform. And then through COVID, we began to talk about not just physical wellness, but mental wellness, way more,” said Hyder. “We started surveying employees and built an entire benefits portfolio based off of employee feedback. I think listening to that feedback and being flexible is important. You cannot have a performance culture without focusing on the wellness of your employees.”

The future of work is already here.
“People are constantly looking at what’s the future of work. The reality is, it’s here. I think it’s an important concept of realizing that the future of work already exists. And so embrace what’s happening now; your employees will tell you what they need. Figure out how to match that to your financial goals. And when you marry the two is when you’ll have the most success.”

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