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Delivering happiness

How Zoom improved mental health care access, utilization, and recovery for its employees

Company Size 6,800
Industry Information Technology
Headquarters San Jose, California

Founded in 2011, Zoom provides a secure, reliable video platform that powers communication needs for businesses and individuals, including meetings, chat, phone, webinars, and online events. Its success skyrocketed during the pandemic, but even with this abrupt growth, Zoom continues to foster a supportive work culture. In 2022, the team received one of Glassdoor’s Employees’ Choice Awards for Best Places to Work.

Zoom’s motto is to “deliver happiness”—to its customers and to its own people. This philosophy guides its benefits strategy as the company works to build a thriving distributed work culture.

2 days icon Is the average wait time to a first available Lyra appointment for employees, compared to 25 nationally
7.5x icon Higher engagement with Lyra compared to traditional EAPs
8 in 10 icon Employees experience reliable improvement or recovery from their mental health conditions, compared to just 4 in 10 nationally
“We ended up selecting Lyra as our partner because we felt that their employee experience was really amazing. The ability to get online, have your questions asked and answered, determine care, and then receive that care in a really timely manner was important to us.”
Sheila Krueger
Sheila Krueger
Head of Global Benefits
Zoom Video Communications

Customer story

In the middle of 2019, we decided that we needed to bring on a stronger mental health benefit,” said Zoom Head of Global Benefits Sheila Krueger. “Our employee assistance program (EAP) was sufficient, but not really proactive in helping our employees. And we felt that the number of visits that they had available was not sufficient to really support good mental health.” The lack of timely, accessible care was apparent in Zoom’s EAP usage, which was extremely low. Ultimately Zoom was providing—and paying for—a benefit that wasn’t being used by its employees because it wasn’t effective.

In early 2020, Zoom launched Lyra as a comprehensive mental health solution for its global workforce, solving the issues that employees were facing with access, utilization, and recovery. “It was really important to Zoom and our leadership that we partnered with a company that had evidence-based care and was able to provide us good reporting on it,” said Krueger. Lyra provides Zoom with comprehensive quarterly reports that include the number of members who sought care, average validated clinical outcomes, and client satisfaction rates. “I’m so impressed with Lyra’s reporting, which is miles above what we were getting from our old EAP,” said Krueger.

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