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Stay up to date on workforce mental health with events and webinars featuring industry experts, benefits leaders, and Lyra clinicians.

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Upcoming Events & Webinars

The Executive POV: The Future of Workforce Mental Health

Employers have an extraordinary opportunity to reset the status quo approach to mental health in the workplace. Learn...

Unlock the Power of Your Workforce to Prevent Burnout

The World Health Organization recently recognized burnout as an occupational health hazard, and research from Indeed...

Mental Health, Anxiety, and Resilience – Building a Company Culture to Support Your Employees’ Well-being

Learn the importance of creating an open culture around mental health at work that allows people to seek support without...

Virtual Wellbeing and Mental Health Masterclass

Created for an audience of senior HR professionals from across the United States


On-Demand Events & Webinars

Caring for Caregivers: How to Address Healthcare’s Mental Health Crisis

Health care employees and employers are straining under the weight of the ongoing pandemic and mental health crisis....

Mental Health in the ‘Next Normal’ of Work: 2022 Trends Forecast

After the disruptions of the last year and a half, employers increasingly view workforce mental health as a business...

Designing a Mental Health Care Solution for Everyone with Pinterest

Leaders at Pinterest & Calm share how they designed their mental health benefits to support the full spectrum of their...

How Pinterest Actively Prevents Workforce Burnout

As a high-growth company, Pinterest has paved the way in addressing burnout for its workforce long before the pandemic....

Combatting Work Fatigue: 8 Signs Your Employees Need Help

Learn how to spot the early signs of work fatigue and methods to support your employees before they burn out.

How a Mentally Healthy Workforce Can Help You Weather the Great Resignation

Learn about the costs behind presenteeism and turnover and how to cultivate a culture that attracts, and keeps,...

The Cost Impact and Benefits of a Comprehensive Mental Health Solution

Learn more about the Aon study which looks at the cost impact of a comprehensive mental health solution.

5 Keys to Preventing Workforce Burnout

Burnout is a work-related mental health issue that can drastically affect the productivity and retention of your...

Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable: How Substance Use Could be Impacting your Organization and How to Address it

Substance use can be an uncomfortable topic in the workplace. Explore the connection between mental health and substance...

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