Lyra announces personalized benefits recommendations to support whole-person health.
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Stay up to date on workforce mental health with events and webinars featuring industry experts, benefits leaders, and Lyra clinicians.

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Upcoming Events & Webinars


Supporting Your Workforce and their Children’s Mental Health with Accolade

Employers can play a key role in supporting working parents before they burn out.

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On-Demand Events & Webinars

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How to Define New Standards for a Global & Unified Approach to Employee Mental Well-being

Learn how to provide consistent, meaningful, and engaging cross-cultural mental health and wellbeing solutions...

Webinar on National Suicide Prevention Month by Lyra Health

The Effects of Loneliness in the Workforce: Why Building Connection Matters

September is National Suicide Prevention Month and bringing mental health into the forefront of workplace...


Unlock the Power of Your Workforce to Prevent Burnout

Learn methods to reduce burnout, boost resilience, and create an organization that puts mental health first.

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Rising to Challenging Times: How Brown Brothers Harriman Supports Employee Mental Health

Learn how Lyra supports Brown Brothers Harriman to help facilitate an open work culture around mental health.

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Tackling Stigma Around Workforce Mental Health

Join the Executive Director of the Mid-American Carpenters Regional Council Benefits Funds and Lyra’s Workforce...

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The Executive POV: The Future of Workforce Mental Health

Employers recognize that protecting and supporting the mental health of employees is critical to the future success of...

Work Culture Webinar by Lyra Health

Work Design: Organizing for Workforce Mental Health

Design your organizational development around employee mental well-being to allow people to seek support without fear of...

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Building Resilience: Do Your Employees Feel Mentally Strong at Work?

Hear from HR and benefits leaders from Cargill and lululemon about how they’ve fostered resiliency in their employee...

Building Work Culture by Lyra Health

Building a Company Culture to Support Your Employee’s Mental Health

An open culture around mental health at work allows people to seek support without fear of judgment. Learn how to create...

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