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Stay up to date on workforce mental health with events and webinars featuring industry experts, benefits leaders, and Lyra clinicians.

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Upcoming Events & Webinars

The Executive POV: The Future of Workforce Mental Health

Employers have an extraordinary opportunity to reset the status quo approach to mental health in the workplace. Learn...

Unlock the Power of Your Workforce to Prevent Burnout

The World Health Organization recently recognized burnout as an occupational health hazard, and research from Indeed...

Mental Health, Anxiety, and Resilience – Building a Company Culture to Support Your Employees’ Well-being

Learn the importance of creating an open culture around mental health at work that allows people to seek support without...

Virtual Wellbeing and Mental Health Masterclass

Created for an audience of senior HR professionals from across the United States


On-Demand Events & Webinars

Beyond Burnout: How Employers Can Make a Difference for Workers in Crisis

In this webinar, you’ll hear from experts Katie McKenna, Clinical Lead at Lyra Health, and Dr. Smita Das, Medical...

How to Build a Mental Health Strategy for Tech

The tech industry has historically been ahead of the curve when it comes to innovative benefits to support workforce...

Reaching Members Early with High-Quality Preventative Care

65% of employees say mental health issues are interfering with their ability to work. How can you reach people before...

State of Mental Health at Work 2021

We surveyed 1,300+ benefits leaders and employees to see how mental health benefits are meeting the moment in 2021. Hear...

ROI of Mental Health Care with Morgan Stanley

Learn how Morgan Stanley is tracking the return on investment of their mental health strategy, and how it’s impacting...

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