How Genentech Delivered a Best-in-class Mental Health Benefit to Support Top Talent

Genentech, a Roche company, is not only recognized as the founder of the biotechnology industry – it also has a reputation as an excellent place to work, with highly competitive benefits offerings. There was one piece of its benefits package that was lacking, though – a comprehensive, high-quality mental health solution. Discover how partnering with Lyra helped fill this gap, giving employees access to care that Genentech’s benefits team says is “changing lives.”

The case study highlights:

  • The shortcomings of Genentech’s prior EAP mental health service that spurred them to action
  • How Lyra’s solution provides frictionless path to finding the right mental health care for employees and their families
  • Clinical outcomes and satisfaction ratings for Genentech and Roche members receiving care with Lyra
  • How partnering with Lyra sparked a company-wide dialogue about mental health
Case Study: Genentech Cover