Join us for upcoming webinars with Lyra clinicians, benefits leaders, and experts as they share evidence-based approaches and practical strategies that you can use to support the behavioral health of your employees and teams.

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The Results Are In: It’s a New Age for Mental Health at Work

Employers have an extraordinary opportunity to reset the status quo approach to mental health in the workplace. Learn how companies across a range of industries are rising to the challenge, plus strategies to better support employees’ mental health in 2022.

Featured webinars

Building a Company Culture to Support Your Employee’s Mental Health

An open culture around mental health at work allows people to seek support without fear of judgment. Learn how to create a supportive work environment by transforming your workplace culture to improve employees’ well-being.

Caring for Caregivers: How to Address Healthcare’s Mental Health Crisis

Health care employees and employers are straining under the weight of the ongoing pandemic and mental health crisis. Learn how the industry’s workers and people leaders are dealing with the fallout, plus strategies to better support health care employees’ mental health in 2022.

Companies leading in mental health

On Demand Webinar - Return to Office, Perspectives with Zoom

Return to the Office with Mental Health in Mind

HR and benefits leaders play a critical role in determining how to safely reopen their workplaces. Hear how Zoom is thinking about this transition.

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Palantir’s Journey to a Comprehensive and Scalable Mental Health Strategy

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way that companies approach mental health care for their employee populations. Hear how Palantir worked to find a mental health solution that would get their employees in care quickly and scale as the company grows.

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How Snap, Inc. is Fostering a Mentally Healthy Work Culture

Getting employees access to high-quality mental health care is essential. Watch how Snap Inc. built a workforce culture with mental health as a key pillar and their journey to finding a comprehensive mental health solution for their population.

Webinar: ROI of Mental Health Speakers

ROI of Mental Health Care with Morgan Stanley

Learn how Morgan Stanley is tracking the return on investment of their mental health strategy, and how it’s impacting their bottom line.

Webinar - Full Spectrum Care Speakers

Designing a Mental Health Care Solution for Everyone with Pinterest

Leaders at Pinterest & Calm share how they designed their mental health benefits to support the full spectrum of their employees’ mental health needs.

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Investing in Employee Mental Health

Sandi Stein, Global Head of Benefits of Brown Brothers Harriman shares how they recognized that it was time to switch to a comprehensive mental health solution that supports their employees and their families with a wide range of mental health needs.

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How Pinterest Supports Their Employees’ Mental Health in Times of Crisis and Every Day

Learn how Pinterest approached their benefits design for a comprehensive mental health solution and why they believe investing in mental health is good for their people and good for business.

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Investing in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Employee Well-being

Hear from leaders at Google and Asurion on what it means to cultivate a diverse and inclusive workplace and why DE&I matters for overall employee well-being, retention, and workforce strategy.

Webinar State of Mental Health Speakers

State of Mental Health at Work 2021

We surveyed 1,300+ benefits leaders and employees to see how mental health benefits are meeting the moment in 2021. Hear from Fidelity what’s working, what’s not, and where to go from here to improve workforce mental health at your organizations.

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Prioritizing Mental Health During Coronavirus and Beyond, a CHRO’s Perspective

Jeff Brodsky, CHRO of Morgan Stanley, shares his perspective on why prioritizing mental health should be a strategic goal for all businesses to adapt to the long-term implications of the coronavirus.

Coping with COVID-19

Parenting in a Pandemic: Supporting Working Parents & Their Mental Health

With limited childcare options, virtual schooling, and remote work, parents are overwhelmed. Join Cleo and Lyra to learn how the pandemic is impacting families and learn strategies employers can use to support their working parent population.

Employee Perspectives on their Mental Health During COVID-19

The results of a new survey show American workers are grappling with serious mental health impacts from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and what employers can do to support their teams in these unprecedented times.

How Managers Can Support Employees’ Mental Health Remotely

The way we work has changed overnight, and for many teams working from home is a new and significant adjustment. Learn how managers and benefits leaders can help employees stay mentally well.

The Path to Parenthood: Supporting Your Employees’ Emotional Well-being

Becoming a parent is a big transition. Join clinical experts from Progyny and Lyra as they share how employers can support and retain team members through one of life’s major moments.

Trends in Mental Health, Telemedicine, and Family Benefits

Hosted by Collective Health this webinar brought together Dr. Connie Chen, Chief Medical Officer at Lyra Health, and Dr. Chitra Akileswaran, Chief Medical Officer at Cleo, to discuss trends in mental health, telemedicine, and family benefits during COVID-19, and provide guidance on how to help employees cope with stress and anxiety brought on by the ongoing health crisis.

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Employer Town Hall on COVID-19: Addressing Mental Health and Well-being

Hosted by the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions and APA Center for Workplace Mental Health this town hall discussed how employers are supporting employees and their families to maintain mental health and wellness and manage any existing mental health conditions during these challenging times.

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Return to work series

Returning to Work: How Managers Can Support Their Teams’ Emotional Well-being

As you prepare to bring employees back into the workplace, learn the steps you can take to support employees during the transition – from communicating the process, offering flexibility to vulnerable populations, watching for signs of distress, and managing your own well-being.

Starbucks’ Perspective: Returning to Work with Resiliency

With more than 15,000 locations spread across the U.S., Starbucks has a unique vantage point in the pandemic. Learn how they have managed through the public health uncertainty and the strategy they’re using to help their teams return to work.

Reopening California: An Insider’s Clinical Perspective on What’s Next

As a site of early COVID-19 outbreaks, California has been on the front lines of the pandemic since the beginning. Hear from one of the architects of the state’s response about the data they used to shut down and how they are planning the reopening.