How an Aerospace Company Delivered Topflight Mental Health Benefits & Saved 39% on Care Costs

How an Aerospace Company Delivered Topflight Mental Health Benefits & Saved 39% on Care Costs

In 2017, business was booming at one of the world’s leading aerospace manufacturers. A mission-oriented organization with lofty ambitions, the company was also known for its smart, passionate employees and intense work culture. But the company lacked a cost-effective, high-quality program to support these employees’ mental health, despite significant health plan spending on mental health care costs. 

In addition to shouldering the high mental health-related costs, it was hard to find information about behavioral health care providers through the employer-sponsored health insurance plan, and employees and their families faced daunting barriers to accessing in-network care–something Amy*, the company’s top benefits leader, discovered firsthand.

After an overwhelming and expensive struggle to find mental health care for a family member through the company’s health plan, Amy knew it was time to evaluate different mental health benefit options. The team considered multiple tech-enabled offerings, but none seemed comprehensive enough. That’s when Amy came across Lyra, which offered a full range of care options and support to meet employees’ widely varied mental health needs.

The benefits leader said Lyra immediately stood out, not only thanks to its comprehensive approach, but because of how easy it made the care-seeking experience. “I knew there had to be so many people feeling lost and not knowing how to get care,” Amy said. The company partnered with Lyra to ensure that no employee would have to undergo the same overwhelming care-seeking experience she’d had had. On top of unlocking fast access to care, the partnership has also led to enormous cost savings.

READ ON TO LEARN WHAT HAPPENED after the company launched the Lyra benefit.


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The content of this blog is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

*Name has been changed

By The Lyra Team
19 of November 2020 - 1 min read
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