How Brown Brothers Harriman is Changing the Conversation On Employee Mental Health

How Brown Brothers Harriman is Changing the Conversation On Employee Mental Health

Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH) is the largest private financial services firm in the United States, providing private banking, investment management, and investor services for global clients, with over 6,000 employees worldwide to power the firm’s reputation as a leader in client prioritization and outstanding customer service.  

Given that BBH’s continued success depends on its employees, the firm also dedicates substantial resources in workforce well-being. But when it came to supporting employee mental health, the company’s benefits team recently found a gap and took steps to bridge it. 

Under BBH’s prior EAP, the connection between mental health and other aspects of well-being wasn’t well emphasized or easy to access. As a result, employees did not understand how to use the EAP network for mental health support. Employees also sometimes experienced a low number of available in-network providers and delays to get an appointment. Additionally, long-held stigma throughout the financial services industry around seeking mental health support suppressed conversations about mental health and related challenges in the workplace.

Things began to change after BBH launched Lyra for its workforce and their dependents in January of 2020, just in time for one of the most challenging years in modern history. Today, BBHers’ are accessing  behavioral health care seven times faster than under their previous EAP, and those who get care with Lyra are seeing a fourfold increase in clinical improvement. And at a time of surging mental health needs, the firm has emerged as a model for mental health awareness, leveraging its new mental health benefit to change the conversation around mental well-being and bring more openness to the company’s culture. 

Read the case study to learn how this finance industry leader partnered with Lyra to provide competitive mental health benefits and for their employees and change the conversation around mental health at work.

Download the Brown Brothers Harriman case study


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By The Lyra Team
13 of January 2021 - 2 min read
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