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Changing work culture

How Brown Brothers Harriman breaks down mental health barriers

Company Size 6,000
Industry Finance
Headquarters New York City, New York

With over 6,000 employees worldwide, Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH) is the largest private financial services firm in the United States, providing private banking, investment management, and investor services for clients around the globe.

BBH is committed to diversity, innovation, and globalization. Its culture is driven by a goal to provide the best solutions and services to its clients and to each other.

2 days stat Is the average wait time to a first available Lyra appointment, compared to 25 days nationally
99 percent stat Of employees are instantly matched with a Lyra provider
8 in 10 stat Employees who have used Lyra have improved or recovered from their mental health conditions
"Our challenging experience with our previous EAP put us on the path to a far more robust and comprehensive mental health offering with Lyra. [Lyra’s] technology was a game changer, in addition to the high-quality network of providers."
Sandi Stein
Sandi Stein
Global Head of Benefits

Brown Brothers Harriman

Customer story

Check-the-box solutions are limited and can’t grow with a company’s changing needs.
BBH launched Lyra in January 2020 for its quick access to care (average two days to first-available appointment, compared to 25 days nationally). But with the onset of a pandemic, multiple social crises, and a global war, Lyra quickly pivoted to providing deeper mental health support beyond therapy and coaching for BBH’s workforce. “Lyra has supported us in ways that we had never envisioned when we entered into the partnership. We had first engaged Lyra for a full EAP replacement and manager training, but as the partnership has deepened, we’ve gotten so much more,” said Stein.

Lyra supported BBH with unprecedented mental health challenges in real time.
BBH has partnered closely with Lyra to provide emergency mental health support to its employees in Poland and help U.S. employees discuss challenging issues such as suicide. “Lyra is incredibly proactive in providing resources and support before we even ask for it,” said Stein. “Everything from gun violence to the Roe vs. Wade decision, we’re provided support for, and the foresight is outstanding. We never have to hunt for content. It’s a godsend.”

A quality mental health benefit that helps employees recover is non-negotiable.
The most important metric to measure for any mental health benefit is whether or not your employees are actually getting better. “Utilization and access are very important metrics, but it’s quantitative, not qualitative,” said Stein. “For us, the most important data point is that 82 percent of our employees who have been in care are showing positive signs post-care. You definitely want people to use the benefit, but you also want to make sure that the benefit you’re offering is actually leading people to getting better for the long term. We’re thrilled about our numbers and share this data with our leadership.”

BBH provides support for the full spectrum of mental health issues with Lyra.
BBH eventually integrated Lyra into its health plan in the U.S., removing the final barrier to care for employees with more severe mental health issues that require additional support beyond their maximum sessions. “There was a small percentage of our employees who needed care beyond their max number of sessions, and we saw it as essential to provide continuity of care for these members. These employees often have the most serious needs that impact their lives, and are the highest cost claimants. Through this design with Lyra, we can now support our entire population, from mild to severe, seamlessly,” said Stein.

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