Morgan Stanley’s Evaluation of the ROI of Mental Health Care

Workforce productivity and performance are the foundation for corporate success, especially in high intensity, high-stress industries. Morgan Stanley analyzed these markers through an unexpected lens: mental health care. In their quest to ensure that all of their employees had access to affordable and high-quality care, the benefits team conducted an in-depth analysis to select a partner who could meet their high threshold for quality with a justifiable price tag. Discover how they ended up partnering with Lyra and very quickly saw positive returns with both access to care and clinical outcomes.

The case study highlights:

  • Morgan Stanley’s data-driven approach to selecting a new mental health partner.
  • The hard and soft costs that Morgan Stanley’s team considered in their evaluation, and the numbers that drove their decision.
  • The outcomes their team saw in their first results period with Lyra related to access, utilization, and quality.
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