Right to Review


You have the right to review information obtained by us for the purpose of evaluating your (re-)credentialing application. This includes non-privileged information obtained from any outside source (.e.g., state licensing boards or the National Practitioner Data Bank), but does not extend to review of information protected by law from disclosure. You have the right to request your status with Lyra, and upon written request, we will provide details of your current status in the (re-)credentialing process. In addition to information you have provided in this document and details shared by references, we reserve the right to do further background checking for all applicants including accessing publicly available social media resources. Any discrepancies identified in the process will necessitate further review, and you may be asked to provider further details in this process.

Right of Review: You may request to review such information at any time by sending a written request via email to the Credentialing Team. The Credentialing Team will notify you within 1 week of when such information will be available for review.

Notification of Discrepancy: You will be notified via email, when information obtained by primary sources varies substantially from information provided by you. Sources will not be revealed if information obtained is not intended for verification of credentialing elements or is protected from disclosure by law.

Correction of Erroneous Information: If you believe erroneous information has been supplied to us by primary sources, you may correct such information by submitting written notification to the Credentialing Team. You must submit written notice via email, along with a detailed explanation, to the Credentialing Team, which notification must occur within 1 week of our notification to you of a discrepancy as provided above under “Notification of Discrepancy”, or within 24 hours of your review of your credentialing file as provided under “Right of Review.”.

Re-verification: Upon receipt of notification from you, we will re-verify the primary source information in dispute. If the primary source information has changed, corrections will be made immediately to your credentialing file, and you will be notified via email. If upon re-review the primary source information remains inconsistent with your notification, the Credentialing Team will notify you via email. You may then provide proof of correction by the primary source body to our Credentialing Team via email within 10 business days. We will re-verify primary source information if such documentation is provided, but if after 10 business days the primary source information remains in dispute, we have the right to take action, including termination of your Letter of Agreement with Lyra.

Any correspondence regarding your rights under this section, including the ability to receive a paper copy of this section, should be sent to: credentials@lyrahealth.com.