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New Four-Year Study: Lyra Health Delivers First and Only Sustained Medical Cost Reductions Due to Mental Health Benefit
Lyra Health Convenes Global Human Resources Leaders to Promote Workforce Mental Health at Breakthrough 2024
Lyra Health Study Finds COVID-19 Delayed Trauma Response Taking a Growing Toll on Workers’ Mental Health Worldwide
Lyra Health and CIIC Guanaitong Partner to Support Employee Well-being in China
Lyra Health and Children’s Hospital Association’s New Vendor Relationship to Offer Mental Health Benefits to Leading Health Care Organizations
Lyra Health Introduces Personalized Benefits Recommendations to Support Whole-Person Health
MetLife and Lyra Health Expand Access to Workforce Mental Health Solutions
Lyra Health Launches Lyra Clinical Research Team
Lyra Mental Health Care Reduces Overall Medical Claims Costs for Employers
Breakthrough 2023: Lyra Health Convenes Global Human Resources Leaders to Discuss Workforce Mental Health
Lyra Health Study Finds Managers Struggling to Handle Employee Mental Health Concerns
Lyra Health Introduces New Offerings to Support Whole Family Mental Health
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Lyra Health addresses serious mental health needs with expanded benefit network
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AT&T made big benefits changes to keep up with the well-being crisis
Therapy, at work? Companies are bringing clinicians directly to their employees
Exclusive: Lyra Health launches complex care program for severe mental health conditions
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Mental health trends and predictions for 2024, according to Lyra
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There Is A Tangible ROI For Businesses That Invest In Mental Health
Nearly 1 in 5 workers believe their workplace is toxic
Starbucks is expanding resources for veterans and military personnel
Starbucks re-ups commitment to military talent
Anxiety at work: HR’s role in supporting employee mental health
Workplace stress affects most workers despite employers’ efforts
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Why mental health offerings are failing LGBTQ employees
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