Lyra and ICAS unite under one brand to set a new global standard for workforce mental health.
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​​Catalight: Changing lives with quality mental health care

“As a benefits strategist, mental health care has to be at the core of your offerings—you need Lyra. Once we signed the contract, I signed up for care and got assigned to a coach. Lyra has literally changed my life, and I tell everyone on my team to use it. I can’t recommend it enough.”

-Jennifer Bilyk Makokha, SVP People and Performance, Catalight

Results with Lyra (in just six months):

  • 2 days average wait time to first available appointment with a Lyra provider (down from several weeks)
  • 8.5x higher engagement with Lyra compared to previous EAP

This customer story highlights:

  • Why a broken traditional EAP system pushed Catalight to partner with Lyra
  • What a high-quality mental health benefit needs to have to effectively support a workforce